cough cough.

When? What? Hmmmmmm….

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a very long time. So long in fact, that I thought I might just delete the whole thing and give it up as a bad job. Another idea. Not to worry. 

Two children and a husband. And a cat. Don’t forget the cat. Oh, and something called acute “at the end of another busy day I just want to do nothing-itis”, have always seemed to win.


Family Oliphant. Photo: Helen Howard Photography

But actually, I do want to give this a try. I have always enjoyed creative writing (I had two of my poems published when I was a teenager don’t you know), and after a year and so many months of maternity leave I am truly in need of a shove to get my marketing/copywriting/anything muscles flexing again.


So here it is. Oliphantum.

Born from my somewhat jumbled head and a desire to write.

We’re ever such a “normal” family. Our home isn’t a mansion with the hottest design interiors (no matter how much I wish it was!). We’re just us.

And this is just life, as I know it…



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