moonzie and the wedding.

Last weekend we trekked up to Scotland for the wedding of my brother-in-law. I say trekked, because that’s what it felt like.

It was a 3.30am get up, and we finally managed to bundle the babes into the car and set off at 4.10am. I know what the M6 is like, and I wanted to make sure we were past Lancaster before 7am…no chance then of hitting any stupid rush-hour traffic.

Ruby, like any almost 4 year old up at the crack of dawn and chucked into a car seat with her ‘jamas on, just wouldn’t go back to sleep and so the journey was full of questions about the morning, the wedding, the cows in the fields….and BBC Radio 2!! It was a long, long, morning.

I have to say, having been told that we weren’t staying with the rest of the family in the wedding venue, I was a bit miffed…I couldn’t imagine it being an easy weekend, and I didn’t want to have to trail the children here, there and everywhere after a 500mile journey had already worn them out enough. I was also worried about the place we were supposed to be staying, having booked it blind on TripAdviser.

I needn’t have been worried.


Moonzie Eco Lodge. Home for the weekend.

Moonzie Eco Lodge was stunning. And Drew, the chap who had lovingly created this fantastic lodge in the Fife countryside was a real delight…especially since he was so, so good with Ruby and her grumpy/caged animal behaviour after a 6 hour car journey!

When you are greeted by views like the ones Moonzie has, and comfy IKEA rocking chairs that make you feel like you will recover from sitting in a BMW for most of the day after all, you can’t help but smile. Great size bedrooms, a perfect en-suite and a gigantic bath with the most amazing shower were all things that went down well with family Oliphant. The kitchen is well-stocked with everything you could possibly need and, did I mention the views!?

All the worries washed away.


The view from the Moozie garden.

Our family greeted us at Dairsie Castle, the venue for the wedding, and the pace and feeling for the weekend was set. Casual, joyous. Oliphantum.

There were trials and tribulations along the way in the form of the little whirlwind that is Ruby, but something made it just that bit easier to deal with. Change of scene? Sunshine? Scottish air? Love in the air? Who knows! I don’t, but I don’t actually care.

Drew & Cathy made fantastic choices when it came to their beautiful DIY wedding. I was so proud of the beauty and elegance, grace and joy in which they conducted the whole day. Their love for each other shone through every single inch of the day, even down to the amazing BBQ they selected (supplied by the immense Beetroot & Chocolate) instead of a formal sit-down meal.

Loved. It. All.


The new Mr & Mrs Oliphant.


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