just do colouring.

So, the big vote finally happened. And (so far) the world hasn’t imploded.

I won’t lie. I’m very disappointed with the result. Even now, two days on from the result, I really don’t understand how anyone could have voted to leave when all the stats and evidence we were presented with, from world leading economists no less, informed us of all the bad things that would happen.

When we were warned of fewer opportunities for the future, with borders closed and markets shrinking there will be fewer jobs available abroad for those who wish to travel and make a living elsewhere or even if they want to study abroad. After we were informed of all the grants and monetary support for the desperately needed regeneration of certain regions within our country – Cornwall for example was due to receive about €592 million between now and 2020, which is now under threat and could cause great damage to our economy. And when it is immensely clear that not one of the concerns people that voted leave are voicing will actually be addressed by leaving the EU – the “problem” with immigration will still remain, for example.

And now David Cameron has resigned, leaving the actual issue of pushing the button on Article 50 to someone else. So now we have to put up with the Tories postulating and arguing amongst themselves for 3 months whilst they decide on a new leader instead of concentrating on how to assist our increasingly withering economy like they should be doing. Do you want Boris Johnson as our next Prime Minister? I certainly don’t.

Amongst all this worry and mess that we seeminly cannot change (although the result of the referendum is just a guide, and who actually wants to be the Prime Minister that sets Article 50 into motion and potentially ruins our country, and their reputation, for good?!) I remembered the short walk to the polling station on Thursday evening once Mr O arrived home from work.

Ruby asked what we were going to do, and why we were bothering. So we tried to explain what voting is and why we do it…

She didn’t understand. She’s clever, but afterall she is just four.

So I tried to explain that it was just like us choosing what to do when we have a few options available to us. A vote for what you believe will be the best choice for everyone. When we have to decide between park or soft-play for example, when we need to decide what to do.

“Colouring then mummy,” she said. “They should just do colouring”.

If only it were that simple my love. If only it were that simple.

Still, democracy is a wonderful thing. Leave campaigners would be just as incensed as Remain campaigners are had the result swung the other way…and at least it has shown that people are passionate and democracy can exist.

All I hope now is that we haven’t damaged the future for our children. That, without important EU funding, our Universities will still be able to offer higher education to people of all backgrounds and not just to the elite. That there will be jobs available in whatever field they choose and that free travel throughout the world will still be possible, so that they can see everything I have and learn that there is so much more to this world than the shores of this once Great Britain.

Hold on tightly and fingers crossed!

What do you think of the result and how do you thunk it will affect future generations? How did you explain what’s been happening recently to your little people? Let me know in the comments below.

Speak soon x



2 thoughts on “just do colouring.

  1. Helen says:

    I don’t deal with uncertainty well and the recession in 2008 hit our family hard, I felt we were just getting to a point where I felt secure again and that the future looked promising. Now I feel sad, deeply sad. Not just about the economic ramifications, but about the division this has caused amongst friends. For the first time in my life I wish that I resided in London. Voters have been misled and I feel we are all going to feel the pain of this vote. Not immediately, but in time. It frightens me that what I thought was a diverse, tolerant and welcoming country has become seemingly more intolerant, xenophobic even racist. I’m not for one second saying that every leave voter is a racist but I have certainly read some awful comments on Twitter directed towards people of different ethnicity who now feel unwelcome in the country they were born in, how on earth have we taken so many backward steps? Like you I have tried to explain this to my child but he is too little to understand. I hope in the future I can tell him that my fears were completely unfounded but only time will tell us if we have really ruined our Great Britain. Crying whilst typing kind of gives me the answer I am sad for all the people who think the next two years might be a bit difficult, how about the next 8-10 years which to me seems more of a reality. Just wait for more austerity, that is going to go down well! Thank you for writing this x


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