lone(some) parenting.

Mr O has jetted off to Ohio today for work. For the whole week. So I am left all on my lonesome with the two little people.

I don’t do very well on my own.

For some reason, I used to think that I was happier being on my own but, since some fairly dark days (and nights!) at University when I would cry every day because I was so unhappy being “on my own”, I realise that I’m actually a people person…and even if we’re not talking, just being in the same room as someone else can really be just what I need.

I’ve done this whole lonesome thing before, many a time. Graeme has a job that involves travel. China (when Ruby was just 5 weeks old!), Japan, America, India…Desford! He isn’t away all the time, but when he is it’s for a week at a time or more and it’s difficult.

I was talking to one of my lovely mummy friends the other day, whose other half also travels, and we both agreed that it’s a lot harder now the littlest tiny people are older. When he went away and it was just me I found it strange, the bed was cold and empty and there was no one to talk to in the mornings which I really didn’t like. When he went away and it was just me and Ruby, it was tough as I literally had to do everything. And now it’s just me, Ruby AND Henry it’s even more difficult – especially since Henry does not play by the rules!

Tonight I made the mistake of carrying on with bath time as normal. Henry ended up with a bloody mouth because Ruby decided she would push him over just as I started running the water…tantrums and shouting ensued, all swiftly blown over when the bath drums came out.

Note to self: they are not dirty. Don’t do bath night again this week!

I know how lucky I am. I have a husband that loves us, that works so hard to provide for us. He isn’t a military man, so he’s not away for mammoth durations as a lot of husbands are.

This doesn’t make it easier when you’re going through it though, and trying to be everything for everyone just isn’t going to work. Some things are going to have to give I guess…which isn’t at all easy for me. Shopping is done, meals are planned for the week and the packing for the holiday that’s coming a week today has been started but everything else can wait.

Ruby said this evening that she would sleep with me, so I wouldn’t be lonesome. She said she would give me the extra kiss that Daddy usually gives me instead tonight, so I wouldn’t miss it. Then she said she would snore in the bed like Daddy does and I remembered how much I actually love having the bed all to myself!!

Fingers crossed for a brilliant week, with lots of laughter and very little stress.

And for now…he left beer in the fridge and the football is on, so someone has to drink it!

Speak soon x


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