the week that was.

I know it’s not the end of the week yet, but you know what!? My Husband is home tomorrow…so for me, the weekend (and my holiday) starts here!

It’s been an interesting week, and it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye even though I had expected it to drag like the last few hours of school used to do on a Friday afternoon before something exciting was happening at the weekend.

Some days have great, and some have been tough – two small children to look after and a house to manage whilst at the same time getting everything washed, ironed and packed ready to go on holiday has been an interesting challenge. And for someone who prides themselves on being ever so tidy and always on top of things, it has been a bit of an eye opener.

By that I guess I mean that it doesn’t really matter if those dishes stay in the sink longer than they usually do. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a bath exactly at 6.30pm so that they can be in bed for 7pm. It doesn’t matter if the floor hasn’t been mopped (although it probably does now, as it hasn’t been done for over a week!) or the bathroom hasn’t been scrubbed. I can’t do everything. And that’s alright.

Ruby and I have fallen out a few times throughout the week. She’s four and thinks she’s forty, and she seems to enjoy winding me up (I know that she doesn’t…but it certainly feels like she does at times) and then watching me melt down. I know I should let it all wash over me, but when you’ve been ignored all day and you’ve said the same things countless times to no avail, and there’s no one there to back you up it’s very, very difficult. Each time I have shouted I have apologised and, luckily for me, she has accepted the apologies and carried on as if nothing happened. When do we stop being so forgiving as people? When do we start carrying grudges? Lessons to learn me thinks.

Despite everything, today has been just lovely. We woke up for the second time at a reasonable hour (the first being after a Ruby screaming session at 5.30am) and had snuggles and Hey Duggee! before porridge for breakfast. My amazing friend Lucy then looked after the children for a couple of hours whilst I went off for some retail therapy…although desperately trawling the shops for holiday outfits 2 days before you go on holiday isn’t exactly the most fun in the world! Still, it was time just for me…something that I really don’t ever have any more. I certainly haven’t been shopping on my own since before I was pregnant with Henry almost two years ago.

When we returned home there were flowers waiting on the doorstep. Flowers sent by my darling Husband who has been missing us, and whom I have missed every single day.


Dinner was a disaster. No one liked the frittata that I made and something about the egg/cheese/courgette/leek combo has triggered my IBS so I have spent the night in a great deal of pain. Ah well.

Daddy is home tomorrow.

When I was tucking her in tonight Ruby said, “I am so excited to have Daddy home. I love him so much”.

Best. Words. Ever.

All in all, not a terrible week.

Speak soon x


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