nice to see you, summer.

So, it seems like summer has finally made an appearance on our shores. I can tell, mainly, because chaps that really shouldn’t walk around with no tops on are out there, flaunting their gross tattoos and/or beer bellies, as if they have never felt such heat and simply cannot possibly wear a t-shirt!

We spent a lot of time down at the park this week. And it was good.

Beacon Park is a really good park. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played on better…it’s no Witton Park (for the northerners reading!) but it’s good. And even better since they upgraded a few years ago.

Our children love it there. Henry probably loves it because there is a swing, so he could be anywhere really, but Ruby would always choose the “pirate ship park” over any other in this lovely little city of ours.


To swing is the thing…

There are two main areas to the park, one for under 11’s which features the “pirate ship”, funky rocking chickens, swings, slides and a climb aboard choo chop train that kids love…and though there’s no actual skull and crossbones on the ship it’s always been known as a pirate ship, and woe betide anyone who challenges Ruby on that one!

I was desperate for an ice cream this week. I wasn’t desperate to share that ice cream with Henry, but inevitably I had to! Payback was mine however when he took a massive bite and ended up with baby brain freeze and sore teeth, mwahahaha!


Right before the brainfreeze

I got used to applying suncream to wriggling, screaming children a long time ago (my nephew was king of squiggling…thanks Jacob!) but Henry is a different breed.

I think he does it on purpose.

Every time I got the suncream out on holiday he would start. Screams, wriggling, hitting…if he could walk, he would do everything possible to run away. And now we’re back he’s no different. Except in this country it’s harder as he’s usually in the pram or he’s fully clothed. Grrrrr!

Anyhoo, I’ve managed to get him in the eye each and every time this week. So he now has even more of an aversion to ye old suncream. Sigh!

Watching all the folks in the park it’s nice to see (and hear) the workings of normal family life. Yelling your child’s name across the park is not just something I do…and catching them trying to make a break for it isn’t either.

Neither is lugging a bag rammed full of crap, as I discovered chatting to Ruby’s best friends Dad today. Inevitably full of spare clothes, food, drinks, bobbles, plasters, hand cream, bottom cream, antiseptic cream, more cream, food, more food and WIPES I wonder when we’ll ever get to walk around care free again!?


Summer birthday parties

Still, we must make the most of it…the immortal words of parents everywhere. Make the most of it before the bloomin rain comes back!

And so, all being well, we’ll be back at the park again this week.

Fancy joining us?! Share your park stories in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook with #oliphantumparklife

Speak soon x



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