the fly.

We have a fly.

He’s been here so long now that I feel he is a plant. He is definitely a spy. He just has to be. He is literally a fly on the wall.

Why else would he insist on staying? Why else would he buzz around the same couple of rooms relentlessly, when there are plenty of open windows for him to buzz off through!?

Maybe he wants some friends? Maybe he is the runt of the litter (much like our cat was, bless her) and has seen how cool it is to be part of our gang? Or perhaps, like me, he is blind as a bat without his contact lenses and he has no idea where the heck he is?!

Whatever it is that keeps him here, I find myself wishing that he would lose interest and just sod off.

Perpetual buzzing.

Endless flapping and swatting.

Ruby screaming at it to buzz off. And then screaming at me when the fly does not actually heed her instructions (hmmm, sounds familiar!).

Henry twitching when it lands on his head. Swatting at some seemingly invisible issue that he cannot fathom, making him just that little bit paranoid!

I am just not down with it any more.

Be gone fly. Be gone!!


Not actually the actual fly




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