that awful noise.



Henry Graeme Oliphant is a happy, smiley, chatty baby boy who loves nothing more than giggling and playing with his sister and his mummy and daddy.

Or at least Henry Graeme Oliphant WAS all of these things up until a couple of weeks ago!

When you’re on baby number two, it’s easy to slip into a state of forgetfulness. You forget just how needy babies are. You forget about sleep regression. You forget about mood swings, especially as they start to get more active and more interested in things but have no way of communicating their needs to you.

Essentially you totally forget how to be the parent of a baby. It’s often like you’ve never even had a baby. Your eldest (if you’ve left an age gap like we have) has become somewhat independent and so, truth be told, it’s like this one is your first. Like you’re the inexperienced, crazy, anxious mummy you were the first time round. What a lovely gift from nature that is.


Can I have this happy chappy back please?!

I’m not 100% sure exactly what is wrong with our lovely boy at the moment, as I’m still trying to figure that out (teeth? weather? nursery sessions? jealousy?) but what I do know is that the noise he is making every single minute of every single day when he isn’t in my arms is the stuff of nightmares. Like the noise they would play during an interrogation. Torture for a life lived badly, haha! 

The poor little mite is having a tough time, and all he wants is mummy cuddles. But then, sometimes, I’m sure all he actually wants is to moan because I pick him up and he still doesn’t shut up.

To be fair to him, there’s a lot going on over at Oliphantum at the moment…and Ruby is going through a very needy phase due to the fact that school is gaining on us faster than any of us care to recognise, so she refuses to leave him alone and that makes him mad.

I wish he could tell me how he feels. I wish I could make it all better for him.

And I wish he would quit with that bloomin awful noise.

Going through something similar at the moment? Any pearls of wisdom to share with me? I’d love to hear from you!

Speak soon x





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