dear teacher.

Dear Teacher,

First let me get the dramatics out of the way…

Today I give you one of the most precious people that I will ever have in my life…my first baby.

Today I trust you, someone I have met but three times, with my pride and joy. My daughter. My heart.

Today and for the next school year, I trust you with her happiness and her education. Two of the most important things in her life. The foundations for her future.

So, dear teacher, today I want to apologise in advance and tell you a little about my daughter. My Ruby.


I apologise if I seem overly emotional. If I am teary or distracted. If I have a tendency to believe that my baby is the only baby that matters…

Whilst we’re not the first to go through this process, it is the first time for us. So please understand that we are anxious. So scared for how our little love will cope with the big world stuff.

Wiping your bottom properly when your arms just aren’t long enough to do so. Getting un-dressed/dressed under pressure when you’ve never really had to before. Choosing your own meal for the first time, and having to choose quickly because there are tonnes of other hungry children waiting in line behind you. Carrying a tray full of food and a drink into a hall full of children you don’t know…the list is endless. How will she get on with it all?!

You probably know all too well that she, like all the others, will be just fine. But we don’t know that. Not yet. Not until we return at the end of a day that seems so long to (hopefully) a smile and a promise to return tomorrow.

Our girl is wonderful.

Our girl is so excited to join you.

She is thrilled at the thought of learning to read and to show you how well she can write her own name (albeit that she often writes it backwards..she’s left-handed, you can’t win them all!). She desperately wants to make new friends and play with them, no matter how shy she might first seem  – she most definitely isn’t!

She loves numbers and she can count to 100 (but she always misses out the numbers 20, 39 and 70). Oh, and she sounds like some random cockney when she says the words “girl”, “world” and “three”. No idea.


And finally, can I ask you, dear teacher, to please look after her. Please be kind and try to love our girl just as we do. Please be caring and understanding with her. Don’t let the system bog you down.

She needs you.

And underneath it all, no matter how much we may cry today, we are so excited for her and we’re with you all the way.

Thankyou, x


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