meal planning hell.

Once upon a time there was a girl.

That girl loved nothing more than shopping for food, flicking through recipe books and cooking up meals.

When she was little she used to spend hours creating paper menus (always detailing the same meal of pasta, chicken, garlic salt and dried mixed herbs) and sit everyone down at the table to eat, drink and be merry – with a pot of yoghurt for pudding!

As she grew older, her love of food dwindled a bit…noodles from a packet so she could afford extra shots of tequila at Alma de Cuba that week, southern fried chicken and 99p chicken burgers instead of a decent meal because eating is cheating, and cup a soup to “lose some weight”.

But then, one day, the love came back…living back at home after so long spent fending for herself meant that cooking became fun again. Meals out became more frequent as she earned her own money and enjoyed spending time with her parents again.

And then, as she moved away from home to join her boyfriend in The Midlands (that scary place down south where they talk funny and don’t eat gravy with their chips!), things got even better! Meals out were a big part of her life and she loved nothing more than hunting down the next best restaurant, eating things she’d never even heard of before, trying Michelin star tasting menus, cooking and cooking and cooking…

Even when the children came along, food was still a wonderful thing. Weaning the babies she’d had was so much fun. Thinking up concoctions and pureeing every vegetable under the sun, determined that her little ones would love food and be excited to taste new and different things…

But then, one day, along came meal planning.


And alongside meal planning came routine and budgeting and a complete and utter lack of time and energy.

Week after week after week of trying to think up new and interesting ways to feed a family of four, on a budget and with no time has sapped this girl of the love of food.


Inspiration has gone.

I am even scoffing at my former best friend, the BBC Good Food website…and I can’t get out of this rut I find myself in.

So…any ideas for quick and easy meals, wonderful foods that will excite my tastebuds and fascinate my husband will be most welcome! Do you have any to share?

And what about some great ideas for the children? That can all be made whilst tackling homework for a four year old and with a 21 month old permanently attached to my leg and screaming at me of course!

Let me know in the comments below!

Speak soon, x



2 thoughts on “meal planning hell.

  1. Kerry says:

    Love this, and can definitely relate to the need for quick and easy family meals! I’ve asked friends this same question and never seem to get answers, so I’ll give you mine (& would love to know yours too so I can add to my recipe repitoire!) – meat balls in a homemade (previously bulk made & frozen) hidden veg sauce with rice, salmon with couscous and peas, chicken breasts cooked in foil in oven with oven roasted carrots and parsnips, and roasted sweet potato (nigella recipe – no need to peel the sweet potatoes – wash and cut the potato into roughly 1-2 inch chunks with skins on, drizzle with olive oil, cinnamon and cumin and cook for approx 45 mins).


  2. Oh Kerry – thankyou! I especially love the sound of the chicken and roasted veg…I think I will have to try that one next week. Our favourites are usually salmon in foil with green beans and pepper sticks served with rice (I usually add a low salt stock to the cooking water to make it more flavoursome) and a good old faithful stir-fry with a home made (and very mild) sweet chilli sauce. The husband also seems to very much like meatballs and pasta – haven’t tried it with rice before so might do that to mix things up a bit! It’s tough isn’t it…I wish I could win the lottery and have a personal shopper and chef 😉


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