list of loves.

Everyone loves a good list, don’t they?!

I love making lists. And when I was little I had a million and one different lists in the back of each and every one of my diaries. I would cross things out, move things round and change things up depending on my mood or what I’d done that day.

Here’s a new list.

My list of all the things that I love (in no particular order):

  • Holidays – in any shape or form, as long as they involve family and/or friends, good food, great wine and time to relax
  • MotherPukka – a banter-tastic, witty, gorgeous mother and pioneer of #FlexAppeal
  • Chocolate – in any form, but mostly Cadbury Fruit & Nut
  • Cheese – mostly brie. And gorgonzola. And cheddar. And brie. Oh, and brie.
  • Mr O – Graeme, as he’s known to the world. Love of my life circa. 2005.
  • MummyPiggles – this self-confessed introvert has stolen my heart recently, as her mix of tales on overcomingĀ social anxiety and the hilarious antics of her little people take over my Instagram feed. Lisa, you are great!
  • Boden – the most money I’ve ever spent on children’s clothes. And I do. not. care.
  • Blackburn – it’s my hometown and I will love it forever because of its hills, its marvellous accent, its former glory (footballing and nightlife respectively!) and most of all its wonderful people.
  • My children – I suppose I should mention them on this list at some point (I jest, of course they actually are top of the list!). Ruby and Henry are the most precious, funny, annoying, wonderful beings in my life. It baffles me every day how they came into being, and worries me endlessly how I am meant to know exactly how to raise them without any experience whatsoever!